Andy Lin - Visual Design, Web Design, and Illustration

Rocket Fuel

Branding Design, Web Design

Rocket Fuel Cafe is a store I created for fictitious client during the visual design portion from Skillcrush – an online design and coding bootcamp. The objective of this project was to build a cohesive brand identity that included a logo and landing page for the cafe’s grand opening.

I submitted my logo sketches and landing page wireframe onto Skillcrush’s Slack channels for feedback from both instructors and other students. The client and user persona helped me determine that the cafe should have a bright and energetic atmosphere. The overall design was then tied together with a sleek logo, simple icons, contrasting color schemes, and the use of bright and modern cafe-related imagery.

The final landing page was submitted with a comprehensive style guide summarizing all my design decisions down to the do’s and don’ts.

Link to Style Guide