Andy Lin - Visual Design, Web Design, and Illustration

The Jace Linson Show

Branding Design

Jace is an avid gamer who often streams gameplay sessions on his Twitch channel, The Jace Linson Show. Though he mainly broadcasts content from the horror genre, Jace is actually a big softie who constantly dotes on his dog and two cats. He wanted his brand to be cute, approachable, and, most of all, something that could include his snuggly companions. Well, he came to the right place!

The brand package for his Twitch platform was developed to include a profile portrait, cover image, away screen, and subscription notification, plus emotes for followers and viewers to spam during gameplay broadcasts. Additional assets were designed to fit social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

I worked with Jace to determine the ideal look and feel for his brand materials. Since his dog Popcorn has seniority over the cats, he wanted more of her on the front-facing assets. This project was great because it was not just fun, but also an awesome opportunity for me to familiarize myself with a platform that I may someday use to stream my own creative endeavors!