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The Humboldt Kid

Logo Design

Steve, a.k.a. “The Humboldt Kid”, is an architect by day and a gamer by night. As a New Yorker, he often spends his free time capturing the city’s essence with his trusty DSLR camera. So when Steve approached me about designing an adventuring squid logo for his social media, I was immediately on board!

The idea from the get-go was something that combined professionalism with fun; something simple yet iconically bold. And where else would you look for such inspiration other than New York City’s vibrant street art scene?

I set out to create several sketches and illustrated concepts, a few of which leaned more heavily towards the gaming side of things. But it didn’t take us long to agree that a man of Steve’s calibre shouldn’t necessarily be tied down to just one of his creative hobbies. The resulting design is something cute and something that can easily be slapped onto the urban canvas as stickers.